1. gingerisaspice answered:it’s really cheesy but try “hell above the water” by curve. also HI
  2. queenqueso answered:Dead Moon Rising?

thank you for a recommendation!
and HI!!

  1. conquerorwurm said:XAVVV HI HELLO I’m so glad to see you!! Uuhhmmm songs, gosh I don’t know of any rock or metal ones really… do you want silly prompt songs or serious ones?

HELLO WURM!!! i’m glad to see you again!!
uhh, serious one would be great? it’s all right if the song is not a rock if it has some beat or fast enough… tempo. 
…gosh, i really don’t know anything about music…

Hey Xav! I was wondering from time to time since your last post. How are you doing? I hope your doing well with studies and everything else. Me and other folks miss you! *hugs*

Alise!!! I really miss you!! and everyone!!!
um, i’m doing fine! for a few month i spend great time with my new besti: overtime work at night and her sister, continuing gastritis-
…i’d rather not say this kind things… o <-<
anyway, thank you for kind words *hugs* i forgot how nice and comfy this place/fandom is while off the internet ;_;

I’m so sorry for suddenly appear&ask
can anyone recommend me some rock or metal songs that fit with BPRD?